Center Baptist Church Christ is the center of all we do. Col 1:18



Center Baptist Church was first organized on March 24, 1888. Eighteen people were present in the first meeting which was held at Center Schoolhouse. The first revival in our church history started in January of 1889 and ended on February 17, 1889. Membership grew to 62 people.

In April of 1889 a building committee began the initial work that would lead to the completion of the original Center Baptist Church. In August of 1890, the church celebrated the first service in the new building. On the third Sunday of March in 1889, the Church began to organize a Sunday School program. By 1915 enrollment was 104. Church Training began in 1912.

Center Baptist Church started its W.M.U. in 1916. In 1938 the first Vacation Bible School was held.

A new building was started in 1943. The last services in the old building were in February of 1947. Services were held at Coleman Schoolhouse while the new building was completed. The first services in the new building were on March 28, 1948. In 1951 the church purchased a house in Ash Grove for a parsonage. Our library was established in 1962.

An educational wing was completed in March of 1967, adding rooms for more classes and a nursery. A new church parsonage was completed in January of 1972. In 1982 our kitchen facilities were remodeled, and the third floor finished for expanding classrooms.

In 2001 we saw another building project completed. Part of the walls of the existing auditorium were torn down and a new and enlarged auditorium has taken it’s place. In the basement, our fellowship hall has grown and more bathrooms added. Handicap accessibility has been added through out the building and an elevator for assistance.

For over 125 years, Center Baptist Church has proven to be growing and dedicated church. Our church gives regularly to both foreign and home missions, and supports many mission fields around our own local area.